What is neo-tribe?

From the definition on the Cambridge Dictionary, a group of people who sharing the same culture, language, and history and living away from urban.

Tribus are not “tribes” in tranditional anthropological sense, for they do not have the fixity and longevity of tribes.

This sentence is in the book The Time Of The Tribes written by  Michel Maffesoli. Maffesoli also mentioned people are playing distinct roles at different times during a day so compared to the tribe, neo-tribe is more unstable and changeable. It is a group spanning the border of time. And as the result of the changing living way, like there is less communication in a community, I think neo-tribe is a  word to describing a derived group who sharing a similar element(lifestyle, interest, belief, taste, etc.) in this massification world.

The word neo-tribe also gives me a feeling of diverse, functional, and consumable. From above, neo-tribe can be constituted by a thing from the various fields. When people play different roles in their life, there are some roles must be temporary and you may quit after you finish your duty of this role. (You can benefit from the role(functional) and you will throw it away when it becomes useless(consumable).)

Why members in the CC are a tribe?


The CC activity on this week was gardening and from the ‘going list’, I found that the participants were different to the guys who join in the postcard activity. And I think the CC is a forum organising distinct event for different people, or I should say there are different groups of people in one forum. Therefore, I want to focus on the group which helps people with art therapy.

I think they are a tribe because firstly they have certain constant members in this group and meet each other regularly. Then, after chatted with them, I found that actually maybe help people is not their only purpose. For me as an example, if I don’t have to research them, practice English will be my first purpose, by the way, I help people! 😉 So this can be my continued question.