This paper expands my view of interaction design. It defines UCI and describes different systems and combination of distinct systems. This paper mainly talks about the dynamic system and only mentions static object interaction.

In my opinion interaction can relate to everything including interacting with information like the knowledge within books. It can not only exist in physical part such as installation and screen, but also in psychological part like book helps you think or communicate with author when reading. In computer-human interaction, basically users provide input into system with goal and gain the feedback. On the other hand, our brain is also like a system. It will figure out the information and obtain what you want while you read the books with question, then you will have new question to find the new answer like critical reading.

I drew a static object interaction process. Take book as an example, I think books contain some static information and when we rear it, the information will input into our brain, which seems like a system to manage input. Our brains will filter, analyze and get conclusion to output. If we have any question within the process, we will find some other books or reread the book with  goal.

What is Interaction Design 2