Mobile phone as a media is to optimize our life. However, sometimes we chat on phone when hanging out with our close friends and family. It seems phone is our ‘chat target’ instead of a tool (dating with a phone). On the Neil Gaiman’s novel, American Gods, old gods(ancient gods like Odin.) and new gods(like media god) fight for worship from human, which reflecting the American obsessions with media, Internet, new transport, etc. It is a new trends of life structure and inevitable consequence caused by the development of science and technology.

“The TV’s the altar. I’m what people are sacrificing to.’

‘What do they sacrifice?’ asked Shadow.

‘Their time, mostly,’ said Lucy. ‘Sometimes each other.” 

-Neil Gaiman, American Gods

The American Gods shows the social status quo, new technology and media began to occupy our most of time and change our habit. Although we are the creator and user of technology, sometimes we seem more like their followers, everything we do is all around them. We might feel nervous when we forget to take our phone with us; we might start our day by checking out phone; we might try our best to ‘save’ our phone when it is dead, which seems there is a bond between human and technology. Phone has already integrated in our life.

Then, I started to consider the relationship between human and technoly. What is the boundary between ‘use’ and ‘be controlled’? I think ‘use’ means consciously operating sth to accomplish a purpose. For ‘be controlled’, it may means generating a dependency to technology rather than addiction. In an online article There is no such thing as “internet addiction” written by Enrique Dans, Enrique states that “The internet is a medium, not an activity as such.” He thinks people just change a way to do what they addict (Shopaholic shops online, Gambler gambles online).

So based on this field, I made a mind map: