Today I talked with an organizer of the CC, and asked for some advices for my project. From the conversation, I had a further understanding about CC, got some problems from the group, some relative expanded info.


1. Unique tribe for the volunteer living in the ultra strong rhythm life. Generally, in order to apply for a volunteer, people have to satisfy some conditions, and the most important is they need plenty of time for this work, which might make people step back. But CC is more flexible, volunteer can “pop in” the activities based on their time, location, and the causes they care about.

2. It is growing. The organizer talked about her experience about joining in CC in Sydney, and taking it to London, and progressing until now. She always has lots of ideas to improve the group, but it need time to adjust and optimize. She told me “be careful”, CC is not only helping people but also helping the envrionment and world. They tries to make the tribe be more diversity, from helping people to animals and environment(plant), which can attract more people to be volunteer for the causes they care.

3. Culure affects CC in different cities. I think it is an intersting story. CC exist in six cities. London group is more active to manage activities. Sydney group has less activity and it cares more about “office” or something. (I don’t really understand what she mean, but anyway, it is different.) Hongkong group need a “standard and goal” to achieve(I think I know reason. LOL).

4. Belief. They are anouncing a belief – make doing good a daily habit. There are some volunteers indeed do it. There is a lady, she knitted baby beanies at home and ask CC to sent them to Nepal. I am so shocked and appreciate that. CC is telling people you can act in good in a small act, no matter you have how much time and where you are.

Challenge they had.

1. How to measure their impact. As I mentioned in the privious blog, this tribe is indirectly helping this world. I think in a way they are supporting other organizations to help. They only can count how many works they did and might help how many people, but it’s hard to get the feedback from sick kids, the homeless, etc.

Talk with Kirsty

2. Sponsor and leading orgnizer. Sponsor is easy to understand. There are only three main organizers so they need to find more leader to keep this tribe be more stable.

Extra info.

I knew some organizations they cooperated with- Spires homless shelter, Senia(for refugee), Battersea Cat&Dog’s Home. It could be a angle to reasearch.