From the talk by Stacey Sutton, she made me think about the difference between revitalization and gentrification because revitalization also mentioned on the E&C regeneration plan. But from the confusion of the community, it seems more like a gentrification, because Sutton refers to revitalization as the rebuilding of a community from the bottom up, in which the community still remains affordable for low-income families. Gentrification, either purposefully or accidentally, inflates the cost of living and drives a disproportionate amount of minorities from their homes.

Yes, when the upper middle class moves in an area, it may create a better economic opportunity and make the area be “healthier”. But at the same time, the rent and price will go higher which is bad for low-income residents. And Sutton emphasized social justice for a few times on the video, as the community which serves E&C from the 1990s and helped it be flourishing, but now it…(TBC)