After the Thursday presentation, I still had no idea about what I could materialize the project although I had a basic concept. Then I started to rethink about the “what if” for the context “some Latinos in E&C area are unable to afford the living expenses because regeneration will cause rent rising“. In order to protect their community culture and relationship, I thought there will be two kinds of result, one is people will find a way to stay in the original area; the other is people will move out to other places and have a long distance contact with the previous community.

What if regeneration plan causes rent rising.

A1.  Some Latinos can’t afford the rent but they still want to stay in E&C for previous community complement.

A2. They will gather more friends to share the rent in one flat.

A3. Everyone will only own a small private space or room in the flat. How would they use the limited space effectively in this situation?

A4. Everything will have a basic scale standard (like Japan Tatami, Lego.) that every space will be used entirely.


B1. Some Latinos can’t afford the rent so they decided to move to other places.

B2. How will they preserve their community culture and relationship in long distance? (I think I need more info for this question.)