When the technology integrated into our daily life, we make contact with electronic devices all the time. People are using their phone no matter they are walking on the street or waiting for a bus, which seems become a general phenomenon. They used to glance their phone as a habit although they don’t mean to use it. And WiFi becomes an essential condition for resturant and hotel. Have you thought about we are using our phones or we are controlled by them? Technology is changing our relationship with each other, then what will it become in the future?

In a study by Shalini Misra, the presence of mobile devices at dinner table will affect the quality of a conversation and for people who have a closer relationship, they will experience lower empathetic concern. To some extent, technology is changing our communication method, social habit, social relationship. It seems helping us to have a better distant relationship, whereas, in the same time, it weakens the close relationship. The few strong, committed, and deep relationships are replaced by a broad array of weak ties (Gergen).

Another study, Phones at the dinner table, shows when people have dinner, texting and talking on the phone are both more appropriate than using social media because the former is a brief activity. It helps me narrow down my topic.

The audience is

  1. the teenager who like using social apps(like Instagram, Facebook, not for work) on phone at the dinner table with their family.
  2. people who need to work at dinning table although they are with their family.



  • [Tech, human behavior, face to face interaction, empathy, table manner ]
  • cocooning-social isolation
  • personal touch(hug) vs emoji and stickers
  • short on empathy
  • conversation lack context-inability to detect tone


Research Question:

  1. How do people feel when they have dinner with people who use social media? How can people immerse into dinner with their family instead of focusing on their phone?
  2. If using mobile devices at dinner table becomes a culture, what will the table manner, tableware, and service become? (Talking to people at dining table becomes an impolite behavior in the future.)
  3. If every relationship will be ‘distant’ although they are face to face, what will huaman communication method be? (Moblie devices reinforce distant relationship but weaken the close relationship. People chat on phone although their closed friends are already in front of them?)
  4. Can people use their phone in another way that their family can’t notice?
  5. How can “take out phone and scan it” becomes a unconscious behavior when people feel embarrassed, nervous?
  6. People prefer to use their phone on their fragmented time?
  7. How do people think “proper time for phone”? (it is a manner when people having dinner with family without using phone.)
  8. Can taking picture for food before eating makes the food become more tasty?
  9. If emoji replaces human ’emotional language’ or facial expression, what will human communication method be?
  10. How to keep people safe when they walking on road using electronic device?
  11. If no one can use pun and detect other’s real meaning, will a new language born?