During the reattaching process, I began to get the line between broad and specific, and realize I may adjust my topic in order to have a better space to have deeper research.

My initial idea was to create a project that can really functional help the addicts to adjust their gaming time. However, the reason for gaming addiction relates to too many fields and till now there is no a therapy healing them without relapse. Although I only focus on the game mechanism to talk about this question, I still can persuaded myself that I can control my own gaming time when I am in addictive status.

So I think it’s better to provide a space for people think about the behavioral control and our impairing autonomy in the digital world.


Question: How can we raise and provoke people’s awareness of autonomy in the addictive digital environment?

  • what’s ethic when there’s a conflict between human freedom and economic benefit?
  • how to define human autonomy in the future.




Chap 1 (Introduction of OGA and how game mechanism trigger it)

  • -status of Online Gaming Addition (OGA)
  • -definition of OGA
  • -game mechanism
  • -current solution

Chap 2 (Discussion about the business measurement standard of success in digital world )

  • -design cause behavior change
  • -gamification
  • -benefit conflict

Chap 3 (the ethic and autonomy problem caused by the ‘behavioral manipulation’)

  • -design ethics and morality
  • -new generation
  • -human autonomy
  • conclusion