Rural Urban Framework is an installation in the Design Museum which explores how nomads of Mongolia are adapting to urban life. Mongolian change their habits and their lifestyle in order to fit in the sociaty and community.

Place Attachment 1

The movie inside out talks about a girl Riley’s mental situation after moved to a new place. In this period, she feels incommensurate to the new environment, and miss her friends and the previous house. Every happy memory seems all connect with the community.

Place attachment is the ‘bonding of people to places’. This can take two forms: functional (or practical) attachment and emotional attachment. We form a stronger bond to a place if it meets our needs, both physical and psychological, and matches our goals and lifestyle. We become emotionally attached to places if they support out self-identity: places do this if they offer distinctiveness from others; if they offer continuity of experience over time; and if they enable us to make a positive evaluation of ourselves, thus supporting our self-esteem. (Joseph Rowntree)

Emotional place attachment generated by experience over time with a place can reinforce the recognition and connection with the community. The Elephant and Castle Shopping Center is such building because it meets people’s physical and emotional needs. It is invested with emotion and memory.