For the social thing, I mainly focus on the event mentally helping sick kids by postcard. And one of the challenges in Cause Corp is they can’t get the feedback from the subject they help directly because basically, they support other organization to help. Thereby, sometimes they would like to know their value and impact.

Considering the characteristic of a postcard, cheap and one-way, I’d like to improve it in a low tech way that the postcard will be still affordable. The postcard is created by two parts:

1.for kids. (convey a connection with the world.)

The first part is painted by PH indicator liquid. The volunteer can use this card to touch liquid(like sea, lake, special drink) and reveal a pattern naturally when they travel. Additionally, there is a sound on the back of the card that can record the surroundings sound while it is triggered.

2.for volunteer. (know something from kids)

The another part is like ‘magic scratch paper’. Children can easily draw something interesting on it and send it back(return address is written already.)