From the campaign by Latino American in E&C, I knew that E&C is recognised as their home by most of Latino American. In the 1990s, this area was affected by economic crisis, Latinos were willing to contribute it at this moment. With construction and contribution for this area, they think they belong to this area and feel more close to their homeland. Although some people have moved out from E&C area, they still will come to here for food or just meet up friends.

Shopping center is a social place for people to find friends, products, or something they are familiar with or identify with.” I was touched by this sentence which reminds me sometimes, even though we always complain a place or product is not perfect, it is still a thing to connect people’s relationship as well as store our feeling and feeling. And when we gonna lost it, we will start to miss it.

This video shows the history and the challenge they are experiencing :