This afternoon I joined an¬†activity held by CC. They provide two websites Post Pals and Send Kids The World¬†to choose a kid you want to help. And on their writing guide, they have something avoid to say, like get well soon, and hope you win the battle. They mentioned although it’s well-meaning but it’s not a good phrase if your illness is never going to go away, and there are lots of children don’t know they could ‘lose their battle’, which I never consider about.

I chatted with them and knew that they thought this is an easy way to help kids. they can make a card when we are free in wherever we want if they have materials.

On the other hand, the organizer told me for sick kids, what they did mostly are sending cards or knitting beanies (dont have face to face contact). But for homeless, I think she meant they cooperate with Spires to help them. So sometimes they will go to communicate or cook food or donate some clothes for them.