The basic idea of game mechanism is similar to Skinner box or slot machine, people doing an action repeatedly by provided some random rewards immediately by doing an action repeatedly. In game, people can quickly gain honour, money, relationship than the real world. There are loads of game mechanism mean to hook people. By deconstructing the game mechanism of the game League of Legends, people can have social relationship, honour, different character in the game.

Game mechanism  1

It strengthens the sense of honour by exaggerating the visual effect and broadcasting the player’s killing moment to each players. And the Killing/Death/Assist rate keep encourage player to do better and grind more. And Habit created by routine. [Benjamin Grosser uses Facebook Demetricactor to talk about the power of number can attract people to keep checking Facebook. ]

Game mechanism  2

Based on the research I’ve done, visualisation and ‘audiolization’ effectively affect the immediate reward whether is easy to be received. So I think people may know the dark side of compulsive behaviour but they can’t see it (can’t have a direct sense about it).

Then got an idea about a wristband can detect human situation, then project the negative health effect caused by excessive gaming when people play game for too much time. Gamers can notice (be scary by) their health situation is worse and worse in this scenario, then stop playing.

Game mechanism  4

[Eva’s feedback: everyone knows the negative effect of IGA so it may not a good way to just educate them by projecting the info on wall. ]