This prototype I’ve experimented:

  • the material and method for postcard have a better conduction
  • generate data image based on the touch times
  • combine the second and third prototype

Because the mpr121 does not suit for my prototype(it’s better for skin touch), I tested the ‘lead potentiometer’ and ‘circuit’. The first one works well but it is flat that the ‘swipe bar’ is unstable to conduct, and it is hard to count the times has been used. So I used the second one. But it’s problem is the ‘swipe bar’ need to move to a precise position to link the circuit.

Fourth Prototype 1  Fourth Prototype

I summarized the Final Crit getting some thinking points and improve direction.

Next Step:

  • use the HTML storage or create a database for recording the use times
  • adjust the visual outcome related to the context and topic
  • how to show kid’s mood on appropriately
  • how to deal with the wrong data(kid plays the card instead of choosing mood) and identify the info significance.
  • stable conduction. Test different material – use thicker paper that keeping the touch gap horizontal?


Future Direction:

  • Try to make the user(kid) process funnier and more enjoyable. Is it possible to show any outcome for kids when they use the card?[changing physical rocket, interface, etc]
  • (Hospital) combinable postcard.