Our aim is to create a new town centre for Elephant and Castle and to maintain the buzz which characterises this central London location. This new destination will have excellent transport links, first class shopping, new homes to rent, enhanced public spaces and cultural offerings, alongside a new cutting-edge campus for UAL’s London College of Communication.

From the regeneration proposal, there will be more living space in elephant and castle and more recreation facilities as well. It seems like a good change, but there are some negative feedbacks online shows not everyone is expecting this rebuilding. During that period, the local communities will be affected. Also, some people will be hard to afford the rent anymore.

(One Comment I think it’s thoughtful)”I have never believed that a new building is ‘regeneration’. It is a new building. What happens within that building, in the community and environment around it, and the way in which it brings people together – that is regeneration.If you simply knock down down a building and put a new one up, having taken everybody out, then it’s starting from scratch. You have destroyed a community rather than creating a new one.”

Ms Medina called for “official recognition of the Elephant & Castle area as a Latin American district, and the allocation of financial resources for its development, keeping the Latin American commercial area such as shops, restaurants etc”. Actually, many Latinos think they belong to Elephant & Castle, but now, their community might be affected or destroyed.

Following this trend, Latinos may be less concentrated because some of them will be unable to afford risen rent. So as the biggest Latino American Community in London, how will they protect their culture, preserve their relationship?

The opinion to regeneration by Loretta Lees on his article regeneration in London has pushed poor families out I think it’s negative and extreme, but also it’s an interesting angle to keep thinking and speculate.

What if: Regeneration will cause rent and prices rising. (push poor out)

-some Latin Americans will be unable to afford and community in Elephant&Castle will be destroyed.

-Latin Americans will find new places to live separately.

-In order to preserve the culture in different communities, they will organise an event or festival each month or year to gather.


-Latin Americans want to protect their community (they don’t want to leave E&C) so poor Latinos start live in public area with tent or sleeping bag.

-they need to survive, some will start their business with “movable groceries”.

-their lifestyle will be named ‘neo-nomadism’.