Tonight I met with the CC and we draw(traced) some colouring-in sheets for the homeless who face difficult challenges in their daily lives in the Spires shelter. It was a relaxing time that we had drinks and chatted with each other.

After talked with the organizer, I knew that they have a regular meetup on every Sunday which is creating postcards for sick kids. Apart from this, they will organize some other events on weekday based on every organizers’ time, and they try to held the event in different parts of London.

Then I asked her some questions like what is the continued work. She told me after collecting enough sheets, they will send them to Spires shelter for homeless. I think this meetup group is just the preliminary work so I ask for getting more involve in the process and try to help them more, then Si said she will ask the other organizers and contact me later.

Mmm.. sounds like a good begin huh. Hope I can get more deeply into the tribe successfully. lol