Project: William Morris


As an adjustment, we went back to the Socialism Room at William Morris Gallery and would like to collect some sentences, words, and quotes in order to have more connection with the gallery. Keywords: fellowship; equal condition(work and share equally); unwasteful society; wealthy are like parasites; pleasant places of education; beautiful and useful things; protection of ancient buildings; speak out; utopia; The papers of placard will be printed on William Morris’s Pattern, and there will be three placards filled with… More

MoMA Poll

This is an early example of institutional critique at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, in which he ask a query and visitors were asked to deposit their answers in the appropriate one of two transparent Plexiglas ballot boxes. And the visual effect of the transparent boxes will show the outcome.… More

Art is Your Human Right-Bob And Roberta Smith Bob and Roberta Smith is the pseudonym of Patrick Brill, leading British contemporary artist and founder of the Leytonstone Centre for Contemporary Art. The work in Art is Your Human Right is largely made up of placards consisting of campaign statements such as ‘the economy of the arts is 71.4bn’ and ‘0% business rate for not for profits’. Most British political art we see tends to be simply anti-capitalist, but Smith has dedicated some serious thought to his proposed policies so that they stand up to some rigour, even if some (or many) visitors will disagree with them. More

Free Your Voice (performance content)

Title: Free Your Voice (protest performance art) Structure: This performance is divided into three part: invite audience to create their own placard in the background about WM walk on the route paved by some white cardboards with some questions about WM on it, and interview something about protest based on 1 and 2, discuss past and now   What we might use: Campaign Leaflet and Campaign Poster Placard ,flag ,banner megaphone badge mask,uniform… More

Bloody Sunday

After research, I think it is hard to find some histories to evident that political conformity existed in the Victoria Era, so it is hard to clearly connect William Morris political opinion with nowadays probable political event, like Brexit. To avoid this mistake happen, we found a history event (Bloody Sunday) first, then find a point to connect it to the contemporary era. Bloody Sunday took place in London on 13 November 1887, when a march against unemployment and coercion in Ireland, as well as demanding the release of MP William O’Brien, was attacked by the Metropolitan Police and the British Army. The demonstration was organised… More

Merchants of Doubts

Merchants of Doubt is a 2010 non-fiction book by American historians of science Naomi Oreskes and Erik M. Conway. It identifies parallels between the global warming controversy and earlier controversies over tobacco smoking, acid rain, DDT, and the hole in the ozone layer. Oreskes and Conway write that in each case “keeping the controversy alive” by spreading doubt and confusion after a scientific consensus had been reached, was the basic strategy of those opposing action. In particular, they say that Fred Seitz, Fred Singer, and a few other contrarian scientists joined forces with conservative think tanks and private corporations to challenge the scientific consensus on many contemporary issues. It talks about consumers are manipulated by businessman. More

Contextual Research-Political Conformity

In order to work as a group, Noman and I tried to integrate our opinion and find out an interesting field to work out together. Then, we concentrated on the political part about William Morris. I did a mind map again and also wrote a timeline about William Morris's political works and events, which could help me more focus on his experience and political opinion. (mind map) (timeline) Nearly 50, William Morris became a socialist, and he used his rest of life to fight for the working class and desire to create a Utopia society. For that, he tried… More

Primary Research

I am really interested in William Morris's wallpaper as well as other artworks. So I researched some information about his artwork, like style changing process, working process, pattern form, etc. In addition, because students are on kind of stable audiences, I checked the workshop provided by William Morris Gallery, there are four levels for different ages student and the content of the workshop is mostly about art. Also, some presentations of the workshop have posted online. links:… More

Mind Map

This mind map is divided into gallery space, audiences, and William Morris. From this three parts, we expand them to more branches. More

Research and Analyse Space

“…visiting an exhibition is an embodied experience: we don’t passively watch an exhibition, we actively move through it, and it is only through our activity that the exhibition experience manifests itself.”-Regan Forrest -Narrative The narrative of WMG basically based on the timeline of William Morris’s life, which is simple and easy to distinct rooms’ context. (from his life summarisation, then his work and movement, finally to some stories after he died.) 1.Meet the Man → 2.Starting Out → 3.Morris & Co → 4.Workshop → 5.Shop → 6.The Ideal Book → 7.Fighting for a Cause → 8.The… More