Project: FMP

Autonomy Reminder

If everyone only can click mouse and keyboards for limited times and move their mouse for limited distance, will they still be controlled to use computer without self-awareness? My first concept is to create a backward counter to showing the rest number of clicks times and moving distance for mouse and keyboard. As the output for them, I thought I could make a simple game that encourage audiences to keep using keyboard and mouse as game mechanism do. However, the backward counter is the object I want people to focus on. If I made new thing to let people play,… More

Proposal Adjustment 

During the reattaching process, I began to get the line between broad and specific, and realize I may adjust my topic in order to have a better space to have deeper research. My initial idea was to create a project that can really functional help the addicts to adjust their gaming time. However, the reason for gaming addiction relates to too many fields and till now there is no a therapy healing them without relapse. Although I only focus on the game mechanism to talk about this question, I still can persuaded myself that I can control my own gaming… More

Game mechanism 

The basic idea of game mechanism is similar to Skinner box or slot machine, people doing an action repeatedly by provided some random rewards immediately by doing an action repeatedly. In game, people can quickly gain honour, money, relationship than the real world. There are loads of game mechanism mean to hook people. By deconstructing the game mechanism of the game League of Legends, people can have social relationship, honour, different character in the game. It strengthens the sense of honour by exaggerating the visual effect and broadcasting the player’s killing moment to each players. And… More

Internet Gaming Addition(IGA)

1.How to define IGA, differentiate it to normal gaming (killing time, professional player).  IGA is a hypothetical behavioral addiction characterized by excessive or compulsive use of computer games or video games, which interferes with a person’s everyday life. Video game addiction may present itself as compulsive gaming, social isolation, mood swings, diminished imagination, and hyper-focus on in-game achievements, to the exclusion of other events in life. In DSM5, the diagnostic criteria for Internet Gaming Disorder include: 1.  Repetitive use of Internet-based games, often with other players, that leads to significant issues with functioning.  Five of the following criteria must be met within one year:… More

Against Game Addiction Through Gamification

Question How to raise the awareness and consciousness of Chinese teenagers who have Internet game addiction to adjust their game time by gamification?   Abstract (cosnidering focus on general teenager game addiction instead of just in China) The game industry has a better development because of the wide application of the network and the high popularity of mobile devices, which will make more people be possible to generate Internet Game Addiction (IGA) when games become more accessible through high-speed internet, especially among children and teenagers. As an immature group in terms of physical and mental development, adolescents are influenced by… More

Research Question – Phones at dining table

When the technology integrated into our daily life, we make contact with electronic devices all the time. People are using their phone no matter they are walking on the street or waiting for a bus, which seems become a general phenomenon. They used to glance their phone as a habit although they don’t mean to use it. And WiFi becomes an essential condition for resturant and hotel. Have you thought about we are using our phones or we are controlled by them? Technology is changing our relationship with each other, then what will it become in the future? In a… More

‘use’ or ‘be controlled’ – relationship between human and tech

Mobile phone as a media is to optimize our life. However, sometimes we chat on phone when hanging out with our close friends and family. It seems phone is our ‘chat target’ instead of a tool (dating with a phone). On the Neil Gaiman’s novel, American Gods, old gods(ancient gods like Odin.) and new gods(like media god) fight for worship from human, which reflecting the American obsessions with media, Internet, new transport, etc. It is a new trends of life structure and inevitable consequence caused by the development of science and technology. “The TV’s the altar. I’m… More

Reverse Engineering Task

Title music memory box – How can music product reawaken lost memories in people living with dementia?   Field of Study dementia memory triggered by distinct senses RFID technology   Context In this project, I explore the function of music to evoke the memory of the people with dementia. I will investigate: dementia in historical, social, theoretical context how memory work with visual, aural, haptic senses in formal, theoretical context RFID system in technological and theoretical context   Rationale When visiting my grandmother in the years she suffered with dementia, I was amazed to find that despite the jumbled and… More