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how can we help sick kids through postcards

After meeting them, I got some a question – Does postcard really can help sick kids? Initially, I am just sorry about that and think they are miserable and need people’s love. But after watching this video, I am so touched. I felt so hurt when I saw the scar on Megan’s back. They and their parents totally have different lives and experience what we can imagine. From the article Sick Children in Hospital, it describes how hospital stay affect children at different ages. After two years old, basically, children will feel stressful, fear, lonely and well be lack of… More

Meet Up with the Cause Corps Group

Tonight I met with the Cause Corps group and we draw(traced) some colouring-in sheets for the homeless who face difficult challenges in their daily lives in the Spires shelter. It was a relaxing time that we had drinks and chatted with each other. After talked with th organizer, I knew that they have a regular meetup on every Sunday which is creating postcards for sick kids. Apart from this, they will organize some other events on weekday based on every organizers’ time, and they try to held the event in different parts of London. Then I asked her some questions like what… More

Revitalisation or Gentrification?

From the talk by Stacey Sutton, she made me think about the difference between revitalization and gentrification because revitalization also mentioned on the E&C regeneration plan. But from the confusion of the community, it seems more like a gentrification, because Sutton refers to revitalization as the rebuilding of a community from the bottom up, in which the community still remains affordable for low-income families. Gentrification, either purposefully or accidentally, inflates the cost of living and drives a disproportionate amount of minorities from their homes. Yes, when the upper middle class moves in an area, it may create a better… More

Arduino Practice

This is a practice which combines the button and potentiometer. Actually, I also tried to combine the button function and LED fading but it failed. When I turned on the LED, it could illuminate with fading. However, I couldn’t turn it off….lol   Code: #define ledPin 13 #define buttonPin 7 #define potPin A0 boolean ledState = LOW; boolean prevBtnState = LOW; void setup() { pinMode( ledPin, OUTPUT ); pinMode( buttonPin, INPUT ); pinMode( potPin, INPUT); } void loop() { boolean btnState = digitalRead( buttonPin… More

Cause Corps

I choose another tribe named Cause Corps. It is a group that invites people to take direct action on causes they care about, through our short, low-cost missions. Meet passionate volunteers like yourself in cafes and public places around the world, to create, knit, plant, learn, and teach together, to make doing good a daily habit. They have small groups in different cities. In London one, I think they mostly focus on the sick kids cuz their regular activities are making postcards for them. But from the history events, they also help homeless, babies in Nepal. It’s really limited information… More

Urban Nomad

ElectroLand – Urban Nomad(2004) The Urban Nomad inflatable shelter is conceived as a social provocation to provoke a dialog about the invisibility and marginalization of the homeless. Current design culture aesthetics contribute to the rebranding of the homeless to confound expectations regarding the ability of the homeless to appreciate and to be served by consumer design values. This project is highlighting the homeless through the bright colour shelter. With no doubt, homeless is a kind of nomad. But generally, the impression the homeless give me is grey colour, inconspicuous, conner, whisper, messy, dirty. However, from the images,… More

🙄Blink Bling Bling🙄

Code: void setup() { pinMode( 13,OUTPUT); digitalWrite( 13, LOW ); delay(3000); digitalWrite( 13, HIGH ); delay(220); digitalWrite( 13, LOW ); delay(30); digitalWrite( 13, HIGH ); delay(220); digitalWrite( 13, LOW ); delay(30); digitalWrite( 13, HIGH ); delay(220); digitalWrite( 13, LOW ); delay(30); } void loop() { digitalWrite( 13, HIGH ); delay(665); digitalWrite( 13, LOW ); delay(35); digitalWrite( 13, HIGH ); delay(395); digitalWrite( 13, LOW ); delay(35); digitalWrite( 13, HIGH ); delay(196); digitalWrite( 13, LOW );… More

oops…I have to change my subject

As there was no one post new guerrilla gardening event on the online community and no one reply me as well, I sent an email to Richard Reynolds, the community creator, to ask for more information and tried to participate in a group. As result, I think it would be quite tricky to find some guerrilla gardeners in London at this moment. And the group I found in meetup was community gardening which is helping the owner to cultivate their garden, therefore, it’s very different from the belief and value of the guerrilla gardening. So I might find a related… More

Guerrilla Gardening

Guerrilla gardening is a battle for resources, a battle for resources, a battle against scarcity of land, environmental abuse and wasted opportunities.It is also a fight for freedom of expression and for community cohesion. It is a battle in which bullets are replaced with flowers. The word guerrilla means ‘little war’, which is informal combatants make sporadic attacks rather than fighting in great blocks of traditional forces. From the history of Chinese guerrilla, a guerrilla can be assembled by army or farmer, so I think guerrilla gardeners can be some people no matter you have a professional garden skill or not. More


I try to search the word “neo-nomad” online and it really exists. lol “Traditional Nomad: a member of a people or tribe that has no permanent abode but moves about from place to place, usually seasonally and often following a traditional route or circuit according to the state of the pasturage or food supply. Neo-Nomad: the nomad of our contemporary global world, whose behaviors are similar to the traditional nomad in that he has no permanent abode and moves from place to place, usually following economical reasons, or due to constraints [political,… More